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Everything You Must Know About Parenting Agreements

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Parenting Arrangements Gold Coast is best for everyone involved in the dispute. It is good for parents to make their own agreement by focusing on the needs and interests of their child. This agreement can be:

  • An oral agreement
  • A written plan

·   An agreement that is in the formal form given by the court and it is also known as consent orders. You have to submit an application for getting it from the court.

The written parenting plan is arranged between the parents about the care of their children that is signed and dated. However, it is not considered to be a legal agreement. There is no format defined for this contract. It is a cheaper plan and you have to face less stress because there is no need to go to the court for obtaining the application and order. Community-based family support centers offer this service to resolve disputes between the parents and help them to design a mutual plan that is according to their needs and best for their kids too. It is prepared according to the current circumstances of both families. 

If the parents are not able to agree on mutual terms then they have to submit an application in the court for getting the court orders. Parents can make an agreement on their own too but if they want to put it into a formal form then they need the consent orders. If you live in Australia, then the government has made a handbook on how to make parenting orders. It is very helpful for separate parents, lawyers, and family law professionals. It is really helpful to prepare clear, practical, and useful orders that focus on the interests of the kids.

Before making a parenting agreement, there are several factors you have to keep in mind.

  • Your child’s age
  • Who can easily provide day to daycare?
  • Special needs of the child including medical and schooling
  • Educational needs
  • Transportation, food, clothing, accommodation, and all other needs
  • Cultural needs
  • What are the views of your child about this agreement?
  • Safety of your kids

Before designing an agreement, make sure to ask your children about their needs but if they are too young, you have to do this on their behalf. Decide if you want to make an oral, written, or court parenting order. You can also hire the services of Parenting Mediation Gold Coast in this regard.